10 Countries with Best Weather

10 Countries with Best Weather

10 countries with best weather

With the rising temperatures in the world, it’s a boon to be living in a city with great weather. Are you looking for a such a place? Here’s a list of 10 countries with the best weather all year around.

Costa Rica

With an average temperature of 21 – 27 degree Celsius. It has no real summer or winter. Although it has a rainy season from May to November. The dry season is between December & April. Which is the most popular yet expensive time to visit.

Tropical beach beauty, Tobago


The temperatures range between 14 – 27 degree Celsius. Cyprus is known in the Mediterranean region for its warmest winters. Best time to visit is in February, as the spring season begins.

Mediterranean sunset


Temperatures range range between 11 – 33 degree Celsius. Best time to visit is between April – June & September – October, as you can avoid the summer season which also comes with inflated hotel and flight prices due to high volume of tourists.

Ancient&Modern Megalopolis


Temperatures range range between 13 – 27 degree Celsius. The best time to visit is between April – September, although it is also a beautiful winter destination, as loads of activities are available.



Temperatures range range between 17 – 30 degree Celsius. Rains can happen anytime of the year, as it has two wet seasons between March – May & September – November.

A crater lake at Queen Elizabeth National Park, Uganda


Temperatures range range between 20 – 28 degree Celsius. Just like Uganda, Rainfall can happen in Kenya anytime of the year, as there are not one, not two, but Three! wet seasons, January – February, March – May & November – December. The Dry (Cold) Season which lasts from June to October is the best time to visit and go for Safari’s.

Kilimanjaro Porter


Temperatures range range between 10 – 25 degree Celsius. The coastal regions are cool and humid whereas the vast central plateau has an influence of hot and dry summers. Best time to travel would be in the months of April – May & September – October.

Curved span

South Africa

Temperatures range range between 18 – 34 degree Celsius. The country has a variation in range of climates, ranging from Mediterranean to tropical to desert like, it depends on the regions. Although, temperature increases as you head inwards from the coast. The best time to travel is between November to February.

Botanic Gardens


Temperatures range range between 16 – 30 degree Celsius. The country has a wide topography range, which has very mild winter, but stays hot and humid throughout the year. Best time to visit is between December – April.

Puerto Vallarta


Temperatures range range between 12 – 26 degree Celsius. Portugal mainly has a warm temperate climate throughout, although it does has a wet winter season. The best time to visit is between March – May & September – November.

Sunrise in Lisbon

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