9 Symptoms Of PCOS Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

9 Symptoms Of PCOS Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

Around 10 million women experience the ill effects of PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). The condition happens when ladies’ hormones are out of equalization. Ladies with PCOS create elevated amounts of androgens which is a male sex hormone. Be that as it may, numerous ladies who experience the ill effects of this condition are as yet not mindful of it. Along these lines, here are 10 indications that ladies with PCOS frequently confront.

Sporadic periods

period pain

This occurs because of absence of ovulation that keeps the uterine covering from shedding each month.

Hair development

Source: https://www.clinicaladvisor.com

Ladies with this condition will in general have abundance hair development, otherwise called hirsutism all over, back, chest and paunch.

Weight gain

Source: Fitday.com

Ladies with PCOS are probably going to encounter weight gain or are fat yet this doesn’t imply that PCOS can’t occur to ladies who are thin.


Source: Economic Times

Ladies with PCOS regularly encounter cerebral pains because of hormonal changes.

Sleep apnea

Source: SleepHub

Ladies regularly feel low on vitality or feel tired in light of the fact that PCOS can trigger rest apnea, a condition set apart by brief delays in relaxing. This thus can cause a sleeping disorder and emotional episodes because of absence of rest.

Nervousness and Depression

Source: Center for Young Women’s Health

Ladies regularly encounter inclination related scatters like uneasiness, gloom and notwithstanding dietary issues that occur because of trouble from PCOS related body changes.


Source: Parents.com

So as to end up pregnant, ladies need to ovulate however ladies who don’t ovulate normally don’t discharge the same number of eggs to be prepared which prompts barrenness.

Skin inflammation

Source: Miami Center of Excellence

Ladies with PCOS will in general experience skin inflammation breakouts because of hormonal changes in the body. PCOS can likewise offer ascent to sleek skin and dandruff.

Hair loss

Source: Huffington Post

Because of overabundance androgens, a male sex hormone, numerous ladies additionally experience the ill effects of ‘male example’ male pattern baldness which is diminishing of hair on the highest point of the head. Moderately aged ladies regularly confront this issue.

If it’s not too much trouble counsel your specialist on the off chance that you believe you have indications of PCOS.


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Written by Riti Tyagi

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