Flappily is about empowering you to conduct your day, to stay organised and heighten your productivity. Empowerment is “freedom of choice” in every area of your life: Zero intrusion, no questions. Take control of your life again.

You are part of our Flapper family that dovetails the century-old flappers. These were western women from the 1920s who bobbed their hair, wore shorter skirts, and openly condemned societal expectations and social norms. Flappers discarded old, rigid ideas about roles and embraced consumerism and personal choice. And we reciprocate their vivacious ambition wholeheartedly; just 100 years later.

Our love for design and content has culminated into Flappily and we hope that our mindfully created and inspired products are a representation of our humble resolve.


Nishant Awasthi
The Mad Designer

Riti Tyagi
The High Writeress