Key to the Unknown

Entire World is reeling from an unknown fear of Terror and Terrorism and we are e-capsuled in it. Terror could be in the form of violence or could be an invisible fear gripping this Modern World with the Ghost of a Nuclear attack. Even Chemical and advanced Biological are known to have been used in many parts of the world.

These are all known terrors. Ample information is available on all forms of weaponry. Suiting defence has been developed to match those weapons of Terror.

The problem comes in when we see no weapons. And, the fear of the worst lingers on.

Yes. We are the weapon; and, we are the ammunition, too. What strange kind of terror is this?

The whole world though may be divided by geographical boundaries; but, the WEB keeps it bonded through its powerful bond. We are so strongly e-capsuled with our lives completely tangled in this NET that there is no escape.

From our sleep to our school or our workplace; and, even our Social life is totally dependent on this Terror Bomb; which is yet to explode.

Excessive use of Technology has taken away our Freedom, our Legs and to a great extent our brains. This Silent Terrorist has already killed our Childhood, our Youth and our entire life that has become so mechanical. We have no escape.

The Form of Terror keeps changing. From personal to Social. Yes, Social. An act of Social interaction is completely taken away by this Net of Technology. Our communication or our movements have become slaves to the Technology. Our plans, holidays and even the relationships have been stolen by this invisible raider on our freedom and on our independence.

After having spent a lifetime e-Capsuled, we are just not able to feel the freedom of our existence. A feeling of Robot-ism has gripped our Thoughts and our Brains. So well controlled by the Technology we have started to lose our natural right to choose. Choose, what is best for our own self.

The Invisible Eye has already started dictating the meaning of life to us. We have lost our Right to Privacy to the Invisible Eye. Our Thoughts, our Work and our own Secret inventions are no more ours. They have already been pilfered by the Invisible Eye.

With the intent of the Social Media, we have already surrendered our Social Entity in the hands of the unknown. We admire people we have never seen in person. And, maybe will never ever see in entire life. Still, we share our thoughts and life with the Unknown.

The Unknown is cleverly spreading the snare and the Venom. Not using a bomb the Unknown is shelling our thoughts. Not using the nuclear material, the clarity of our thoughts is being shadowed. Our DNA is being allowed to be attacked by the Unknown pushing our lives to be dumped in the Unknown

And, we live Unknown e-Capsuled in the vast proximity of the Unknown.


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Written by Ambrish Tyagi

... Political Consultant; working at Grass-root levels to the Final decision making.

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