ERVIS – An Innovation by a 12 Year Old to Cleanup Ocean

ERVIS - An Innovation by a 12 Year Old to Cleanup Ocean

Haaziq Kazi from Mumbai has planned a ship ERVIS that could enable drain to squander out of the surface of seas.

This kid wonder planned a ship that drains squander out of the surface of seas as a feature of a school venture. Talking soon at the #TEDxGateway occasion in Mumbai, Haaziq Kazi’s ship is catching eye for all the correct reasons.

Kazi says that he was enlivened to structure ERVIS when he was in school. Indus International School requested that its understudies concoct a venture, and direct a TED Talk on it. Enlivened by documentaries on the National Geographic channel on plastic and its effect on marine life, Kazi began his exploration. Amid this time, he went over Dutch creator Boyan Slat’s TED Talk on how he expected to handle the sea’s plastic issue, reports The Better India.

“I figured I could create a ship, which can go and reverse the damage that we, as humans, have done. Hence the idea of ERVIS was born,” he said.

At the point when gotten some information about how he feels when he is known as a kid wonder, Kazi stated,

“I don’t think about it too much. My life goes on, as usual. It’s the same school, same assignments, same home, same friends and so things haven’t really changed much. Except sometimes, it does feel good when people talk about it, but being an introvert, I don’t like talking too much about it. And when I sometimes really think about it, I feel a bit overwhelmed visualising the problem I am trying to solve”.

Expressing gratitude toward his folks and school for their help, he stated:

“ERVIS, my fantasy, my energy.”

Talking about the barricades, he stated:

ERVIS will be controlled by cleaner fills like sun based, wind, RNG and hydrogen. Talking about how the ship was made for a school task and nothing past, he stated,

“To be completely forthright, no one idea ERVIS had a future at the time. My mum was overly steady. They were constantly glad for me about how I connected my point of view on an issue that I felt energetic about, however that was about it.”

Kazi included, “The sheer greatness of the issue speaks to a chance of monstrous scale, the open door for us to meet up through ERVIS to handle the issue we have made”.

Watch his talk that was recorded at TED-Ed Weekend in New York City :

Cleaning our oceans: a big plan for a big problem


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