Makeup Items Every Indian Woman Needs

While the list of makeup items could be exhaustive (and raised to the power of infinity) for some women, no Indian woman can do without and shouldn’t be without these 5 makeup items. The simple reason is that these particular items are some that generally suit Indian features, climatic conditions, undertones and most women’s general choice. Times are changing up and preferences of each woman are individual, and so look at this list as a general guide with historical value if you find it dated.

Makeup Items Indian Women Must have

Basically, if you had to own just 5 makeup items, I would suggest going with these master items and then you can tune it to your tastes with regard to brand, formulation, undertones and consistency.

1. Dark Black Kohl or Surma

A black eye pencil or eye powder brightens the eye area. Smudge it a little, and you don’t really need under eye concealer. Kohl and Surma essentially just lift the face and give depth to the eyes. It’s the first and the most sought-after must-have in every India woman’s vanity (and few men too). The search for the darkest, most matte, smudge-proof, long stay kajal is every girl’s dream: but here are a few suggestions from me below.

2. Rose coloured Blusher

Yes, a blusher adds colour to your cheeks to make it appear you’re more youthful because the apples of your cheeks look like apples. The trick to getting a blusher (especially if it’s that one and most suitable blusher you want) is to find one that matches your skin tone when you pinch your cheeks. What happens is that blood rushes to that pinched spot and invariably the colour is reddish-orangish-deep-pinkish-mauve. And that colour is essentially rose. So rose colour would look different on different skin tones, but essential, that’s the closest colour to pinched cheeks. Hence, it could be a staple for you. See below some suggestions from me.

3. Brick coloured Lipstick

Again, bite your lips and see what colour is left behind. It would be in the blood toned family again. But this time you can choose to go with a neutral share that instantly mimics your lips after it’s been just bitten. Or you can go with enhancing your lip colour a little bit more which is why I’m suggesting brick lip which is a reddish-orangish-mauvey-brownish-rust colour (not maroon, people!!).

4. Brassy Gold coloured Highlighter

Who can own just 1 highlighter? But that’s me, and I know that money saved is money earned. And honestly, all the sparkliness aside, 1 highlighter can last forever and ever and ever. So what do you need another most matte? But then again, we all do. Haha. But if you had to pick one, a champagne-brassy gold highlighter would suit most Indian skin tones from fair to deep. See some examples to understand what I mean and what colour it is.

5. Sunscreen Face Powder

This one is simple. A face powder that blots, mattifies and protects from the sun. I believe that unless there’s a reason you need your makeup to last all night and stay matte, you don’t really need a face powder for the evening. Which is why I have suggested most matte-containing powder in this list. Why not get sun protection along with shine-free skin, right? Also, products containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide give flashback in photos, so definitely avoid using at night. There are translucent powders that do a better job then, but more on that in another post. Here is my one and only suggestion for Indians, and luckily it’s budget friendly too because honestly, I don’t know another (and no, this isn’t a sponsored post).

Hope I helped. May the force be with you!


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Written by Riti Tyagi

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