That Stationery Hoarder: Love for Pens, Paper & More.

My Stationery Stash

Pens, Pencils and Accessories

My addiction to stationery starts with pens. Pens, in all colours, and in several quantities (of the same type), in case they stop manufacturing them. Boxes and bags and pouches full of pens. Ink pens, gel pens, fineliners, felt tip pens, markers, permanent markers, highlighters, ballpoint pens, rollerball pens, matte gel pens, sparkle gel pens, fluorescent coloured pens, brush pens, watercolour pens, designer pens, exclusive pens, limited edition ink pens, pens that can be used on all surfaces, pens with fine tips, medium tips and thick tips, calligraphy pens and tools, extra nibs, refills, ink pots, ink in all colours, pen cleaning solution, ink cleaning solution, prevention of ink-drying kit, ink pen brushes.


Pens, arranged vaguely in order of colour. There are a couple missing from these pictures, but that’s basically all of them.

Pencils, sketching pencils, watercolour pencils, automatic pencils, mechanical pencils, charcoal pencils, crayons, paintsticks, solid paint markers, oil pastels, from amateur quality to pro quality, pencils in all compositions, i.e., from hardest to softest, erasers, sharpeners, automatic pencil sharpeners and leads between 0.1mm fine lead and 2mm very thick lead.

Do I use them?

No. I like to look at them and test them on paper and just gaze in admiration, at the beauty of the mighty writing and drawing equipment.

Do I draw or paint? I’m not the least bit artistic, unfortunately.

And yes, I’ve spent a bomb on the collection and can’t stop. When I have to use a pen, I can’t choose which to write with. they’re all so lovely!

Is this crazy obsession borderline maniacal? Absolutely not. They are my precioussssssss!

Paper and Paper Products: My 1 true passion

So the pens I hoard are a means to the ultimate end: my journals!

Journals, softbound notebooks, hardbound notebooks, spiral bound notebooks, softbound diaries, hardbound diaries, notepads, sketchbooks, softbound planners, hardbound planners, ring-bound planners, travellers notebooks, pure leather-bound notebooks, from maplitho paper to kraft paper to ivory bristol paper to tracing paper, in all sizes, i.e., A7, A6, A5, A4 and A3, in all types, i.e., plain, ruled, checkered/ graph and dot grid, in all paper qualities ranging between (and even below) 70GSM till 350 GSM, in several page-counts between 30 pages to 600 pages. I even know how to identify printing paper, coated paper, bond paper, Japanese paper, acid-free paper, handmade paper, archival quality paper without having to feel the paper, and by just looking at it.

I Do what I Love

Do I sketch? No.

Am I a watercolour artist? Nah!

Am I an oil painting maestro? Nada.

#filolifephotoaday – Day 14: Fun

What could be more fun than Filofax shopping?

Do I write, though? Yessssss. I love it. I love to write and I could just keep writing on and on and on. But you see, blog posts require typing, anything that requires to be published also has to be typed, emails are typed out too, any correspondence is digital, if I need to publish a handwritten content, that too would require me to use a pencil stylus on a tablet.

Love paper More than Jewelry

So what do I do with all the paper I own and all the notebooks and journals that are still lying empty? Hoard it and guard it with my life. And I hope that one day I can fill them all in with meaningful content for myself and everyone else to read as well. I have no love for expensive jewelry or precious stones. These notebooks are my greatest possession and I carry a couple along with a few spares (for myself *SMH*) everywhere I travel. I gift people paper products with such joy.

Aniki Geographica Travellers Notebook


So then, is this crazy obsession borderline maniacal? Again absolutely not. To each their own set of incredible passions. Trust me, everyone needs to be passionate to feel good about themselves, to make your life exciting in different ways and to create your own magical story.

And this was my magical story. My heart was racing with excitement, just penning down all this information for you.

How do I give back to nature for all the paper I use and buy in the wait of filling it in? I plant the number of trees as my age on every birthday and will continue on to give back to Mother Nature my due, and more.

Hope I helped. May the force be with you!


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