The Battle of the Acne: Winning Advice from non-doctor

Most of us have battled acne, if not for years, then at least during puberty. Unfortunately, what’s normally part of the body’s natural hormonal cycle, ends up leading to low confidence, shying away into a shell because you can’t bear to look at yourself in a mirror, and self-conscious social interaction. If I’m not describing you, I’m glad: but this is my reality and boy did I hate having to put up with the nonsense of acne, especially the big, ugly pus-filled ones.

It’s a pity because nothing should let one put oneself through such an unnecessarily hard time, but that’s a longer discussion for a later post.

Here I’d like to discuss neither the cause nor the symptoms. Just part of the solution. And this normally works on all skin types, skin tones and ethnicities. (However, people with sensitive skin should always follow any new skin care with caution, because sensitive skin is very symptomatic and many things can cause an uproar to the skin, such as redness, flaking, itching or acne, etc.)

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Acne is one of the most common skin problems which can happen to almost every individual at any stage of life. It can occur due to multiple causes including hormonal changes, stress, oily cosmetics, menstruation, diet, and even certain medications. Here you can find out the easiest and most effective way to get rid of them.

General FYI

Also it’s important to flag here and without going into details, that sometimes acne is simply caused because of bad hygiene, not washing the face properly after a long day in dust and pollution which are very pore-clogging, not cleansing thoroughly after makeup, using harsh soaps which can be over-drying and using alcohol-based products which are again over-drying. Also, you could be using medicines for your acne, and should basically follow your dermatologist’s advice. You can stop reading this post now.

My General Advice (because I’m not a doctor, but have had my fair share of acne battling)

So I would still say create your own regime for your skin. The most common skincare regime follows the CTM method, i.e., cleansing, toning and moisturising. But do what suits you best. For eg: You might not want to tone, because that makes your skin too dry or red or sticky.

I would advise using a mild cleanser, soap-free without any active ingredients; that just does the job. i.e., thoroughly cleanses the skin. Thereafter, the best toner for all skin types is simple, humble rose water. It does the trick by just refreshing your skin and nourishing it. Finally, an oil-free moisturiser is extremely balancing for both oily as well as dry skins. Dry skinned people can especially use products with maybe more hyaluronic acid or glycerine for the added boost of hydration, however, for oily skinned people, a simple application of aloe vera gel or a gel-based moisturiser would also be sufficient. Normal skin rarely flares up, but maintaining a proper moisture balance is basically the key for all skins.


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More Solid Advice

So that is my single most sorted advice to people suffering from acne. Maintain the moisture balance of your skin so that the sebaceous glands don’t over-work to produce more sebum to clog pores that cause pustules or acne.

Drink loads of water. Again, staying hydrated balances the skin from the inside out. So all you tea and coffee lovers: you could be dehydrated because of the basic nature of caffeine, a diuretic agent. Over-compensate by making an additional effort at staying hydrated. Also, while consuming alcoholic beverages, hold your drink in one hand and a glass of water in another (I’m simultaneously also giving you a valuable tip to no hangover the next day through this method).

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Other than this, a good weekly face mask or clay mask is also appropriate for all kinds of skin. They just add an oomph of goodness to your skin.

Don’t use physical scrubs! They are very, very harsh. I will cover this in a later blog, so stay tuned.

Hope I helped! May the force be with you!


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